What To Do After A Hit And Run Accident

In Louisiana, hit and run accidents could lead to complex or serious injuries. Unfortunately, some victims never discover who the other party was and face the full impact of medical expenses and auto repair costs. In some situations, the victim dies. A local attorney provides clarity for victims or their family after a hit and run auto accident.

Reporting the Accident

Drivers who are involved in a hit and run accident must contact highway patrol or a local law enforcement agency immediately. It is best to acquire assistance as quickly as possible to prevent the accident victim from forgetting vital details. The most important details are the model and color of the other automobile, what happened, and the tag number if it was recorded.

Traffic Camera Options

If the accident occurred in a highly populated area, it is possible for traffic cameras to capture footage of the accident. Local law enforcement agencies could contact the appropriate authorities to get the footage and determine what happened. Any details retrieved from the footage are used to track down the perpetrator and bring them to justice.

Collecting the Details

Vital details related to the accident could be useful in a legal claim or to assist law enforcement. The severity of the victim’s injuries could constitute a more serious crime other than just a simple hit and run accident. It is against the law for any party to leave the scene of an auto accident. However, if the victim sustained life-threatening injuries, the charge could be increased to attempted vehicular homicide.

Is a Lawsuit Possible?

A lawsuit is possible only if the identity of the at-fault driver is identified. However, if another party contributed to the accident, it is possible to file an insurance claim through the other driver’s insurer or file a lawsuit. If the hit and run driver is identified, the victim could also receive restitution in a criminal case.

In Louisiana, hit and run auto accidents lead to misfortune for victims in most cases. Unless traffic cameras captured footage or witnesses saw what happened, it is difficult to identify the perpetrator. Victims who need further assistance are encouraged to visit www.benzinsider.com for more details now.